The Mediterranean Secret

It is no secret that we Mediterranean people have the healthiest and most delicious diet. Our secret is the ultimate superfood, extra virgin olive oil that we use in everything. Literally everything!

On average a Mediterranean person in Europe consumes 10 times* more olive oil than a US person! That is only half teaspoon a day for a US person!

Source: International Olive Oil Council

Easily Adapt EVOO to Your Diet!

Integrate the Mediterranean diet in your daily routine with Olizzi’s convenient olive oil capsules!

It is the exact amount you need per serving. You can carry these little pieces of miracle wherever you go and keep track of your diet.

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Shot of freshness

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Keeps fresh

Blocks sunshine

Glass bottle

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A must-have for the kitchen

Not All Olive Oils Have Superfood Effects!

A high quality olive oil requires care and passion.

Find out Olizzi’s journey from land to tables

Cook your meal and season your salad with Olizzi, or simply take a shot of freshness every morning.

And benefits?

Olizzi is rich in good fats, vitamins and antioxidants.

Experts say regular consumption of high quality extra virgin olive oil is good for the brain, heart, digestion, skin, hair, antiaging and inflammation!