Olizzi Organic Premium Reserve 16.9 FL OZ


Olizzi Premium Reserve is a high quality extra virgin olive oil with a remarkable taste. You will feel the delicious green taste with hints of unripe almond, grass, artichoke and green apple. Be ready for the peppery kick in your throat – that’s when you feel the rich antioxidant content! Easy cap bottle eliminates waste and pours easily.
• USDA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• Early Harvest & First Cold Press
• Filtered, Unrefined, Non-Blended
• Harvested in October 2019
• Olive variety: Domat.
• Bottled below 0.5% acidity. Storage conditions may alter the acidity level.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
USDA Organic
Early Harvest
First Cold Press

Olive Variety: Domat
Origin: Akhisar Turkey
Acidity: Bottled below 0.5%
Weight: 2.2 LBS / 1 kg
Volume: 16.9 FL OZ / 500 ML
Dimensions of the bottle:
10.3*2.2*2.2 in/ 262*56.5*56.5 mm
Dimensions of the box:
10.8*5.2*3.8 in / 275*132*97 mm

Olizzi Premium Reserve 16.9 FL OZ-07

Goes Very Well With:

Fresh greens, meat and fish marinades, seasonings, dressings, boiled eggs, bakeries, chocolate and ice creams.

Olizzi is rich in good fats, vitamins and antioxidants!

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