Olizzi Premium Organic 16.9 FL OZ (500 ML)


Get ready for the peppery kick in your throat!

Adds flavor to your meals with its intense fruity taste and green grassy smell. Olizzi Premium Organic fulfills the three major positive attributes of olive oil: fruitiness, bitterness, and pungency. It has flavor notes of tomato leaf, green banana, grass and rosemary.

Food pairing: You can reveal its flavor even more by pairing with tomatoes, boiled eggs, cheese, pomegranate syrup, avocado, salad, smoked meat, stir-fried vegetables and meats, or with pasta and pizza.

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2020 Harvest / Organic Certified / Filtered / Monocultivar /

Early Harvest / Cold-Pressed / Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Silver Medal at Olive Japan 2020

Silver Medal at JOOPrize 2021

Olive Type: Domat

Bottled below 0.3% free fatty acidity level.

Ozan Çelik Fotoğraf / www.ozanphoto.com

• Glass Bottle: Glass is the safest material to protect olive oil from oxidation. It is also a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

• Superior Design: Comes in handy while cooking and easy to grab. Label is printed on the glass, preventing wears.

• Protects from Sun and Light: Olive oil should be stored in a dark, cool and dry place, away from sun and light. Our colorful glass bottle eliminates any sunshine or light that is threat to our precious olive oil.

• Smart Cap: It is now easy to pour olive oil without spilling with Olizzi’s smart cap. Also, prevents oxidation by reducing the air contact.


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