How it Started?

Growing up, I learned from my family that extra virgin olive oil is a miracle.

My dad, who is a surgeon says high-quality olive oil is both a food and a remedy. Mom, who is a food engineer taught me how to embrace healthy fats in my diet and why we need them. So I decided pursue this! Being an industrial engineer dedicated to responsible and sustainable production; I learned what it takes to produce the best olive oil!

However, not all olive oils have superfood effects.

From land to the tables, a high quality olive oil requires care and passion.

Early Harvest & Low Acidity

We harvest our olives in October when they are green and fresh. It is a costly choice, but it delivers the lowest acidity, and the highest grade of extra virgin olive oil with rich content.

Handpicking & Cold Pressing

After handpicking, we immediately cold press them within less than 4 hours.

Delicious Green Taste

You will feel the delicious green taste with hints of unripe almond, grass, artichoke and green apple.

The Peppery Finish

Be ready for the peppery kick in your throat – that’s when you feel the rich antioxidant content!

All our efforts bring us the lowest FFA (Free Fatty Acidity) levels.
Olive oil’s value is higher at lower acidity rates. Storage conditions may alter the FFA level.

Environmental Responsibility

We don’t harm any trees, olives or animals during our processes.

We aim to reduce waste and overuse with our recyclable packages. We are continuously working on how to improve our packaging to be more environmentally friendly. Especially, for the capsules, we are working on better packaging alternatives.

Olizzi is from western Turkey and it is USDA Organic certified! Without any additives, chemicals or processing – just the juice of olives!

Olizzi is rich in nutritional values and has a superior taste!
Find out more about the Mediterranean secret!

About the Founder

Ece Er

Ece strongly believes that “You are what you eat” and she is a real food enthusiast!

After completing her primary and secondary education in the Mediterranean-scented classes of Izmir, she studied Industrial Engineering at METU in Ankara and then moved to Istanbul. Ece, who had the honor of breathing in the air of all three major cities of Turkey, got into marketing in the fast-moving consumer goods sector at a major beverage company. After 5 years in Istanbul, she moved to Los Angeles to study MBA at Pepperdine University in Malibu. She worked for the biggest catering reservation platform of the USA as a strategy consultant during her studies.

Now she is on an exciting new journey of starting her brand! Living the Mediterranean culture, and observing the US culture, she decided to introduce olive oil to Americans in a new and exciting way.

She enjoys roaming the streets of Istanbul, the city she loves, and discovering new places. There is no stopping her when it comes to good food; be it in Istanbul, Los Angeles or anywhere in the world! The prioritizes good food to the point that she once spent two weeks finding the best pickle shop in the town. Wherever she travels, the first thing she looks into is food joints and only after then, sightseeing.

That’s why she is very passionate about olive oil – the ultimate superfood and the best ingredient of all – and all the superfoods that work miracles in our bodies!