Work your magic in the kitchen and
let Olizzi work its magic in your body.



Rich Nutritional Value & Superior Taste

We harvest our olives in October when they are green and fresh. It is a costly choice, but it delivers the lowest acidity, and the highest grade of extra virgin olive oil with rich content.
After handpicking, we immediately cold press them within less than 4 hours. You will feel the delicious green taste with hints of unripe almond, grass, artichoke and green apple.
Be ready for the peppery kick in your throat – that’s when you feel the rich antioxidant content!

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Our Story with the Ultimate Superfood

Growing up, I learned from my family that extra virgin olive oil is a miracle. Mom, who is a food engineer taught me how to embrace healthy fats in my diet and why we need them. My dad, who is a surgeon says high-quality olive oil is both a food and a remedy.
So I decided pursue this!

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