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Great Ingredient for Your Baby’s Food

Olizzi Baby Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil enriches the taste and nutritional values of your baby’s food with its fruity taste and green smell. Suitable for cold and hot disches.

Why Special Olive Oil for Babies?

Olizzi Premium Organic and Everyday have higher bitterness and pungency levels as they are produced from early harvest olives. All three products are good for the consumption of babies and children, but Baby Organic is preferred due to its low pungency.

Rich Nutritional Value & Superior Taste

We harvest our olives in October when they are green and fresh. It is a costly choice, but it delivers the lowest acidity, and the highest grade of extra virgin olive oil with rich content.
After handpicking, we immediately cold press them within less than 4 hours. You will feel the delicious green taste with hints of unripe almond, grass, artichoke and green apple.
Be ready for the peppery kick in your throat – that’s when you feel the rich antioxidant content!

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Our Story with the Ultimate Superfood

Growing up, I learned from my family that extra virgin olive oil is a miracle. Mom, who is a food engineer taught me how to embrace healthy fats in my diet and why we need them. My dad, who is a surgeon says high-quality olive oil is both a food and a remedy.
So I decided pursue this!

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